"During her set, stand-up comedian Lizzy Cooperman often stood behind a keyboard, which she used to punctuate her jokes with ominous organ notes — the discordance between her dire score and the audience’s laughter was funny in and of itself, stoking the audience more and more. “Nothing elicits more rage in me than an invitation for an evening of crafting,” she said, slamming her hands down on the keys. “I get these emails, like, ‘Hey lady, come over on Tuesday. Bring scissors and glitter and let’s sit around and die!’” she yelled over a funeral note, adding, “and they’re not even spelling it right! They’re spelling it DIY.” Cooperman clearly knew her audience, delivering jokes in a theatrical old crone voice, playing truth or dare with the crowd and giving us the opportunity to laugh at ourselves. “I just want to explore the boundaries!” she screamed, “’Cause I’m so sex positive!” At times, laughter nearly drowned out her keyboard. No drink minimum necessary, Cooperman killed." -LA Times

"Although Cooperman writes traditional jokes for TV shows, her own comedy is closer to avant garde. She moves erratically yet seamlessly between characters and conceits, using the entire stage and occasionally banging a keyboard for effect. Just when you think it doesn’t make sense, you’ll get it." - Time Out LA

"Lizzy Cooperman's a witchy lady. In her act, she writhes around the stage like a crazy combination of Sarah Jessica Parker in Hocus Pocus and Norma Desmond. She plays morose tones on a keyboard, and punctuates her set with unhinged laughter. She's all of us, is what I'm saying, and catching her at Sunday's Depresshow at Branx between two other shows was an accidental Bridgetown highlight."   -Portland Mercury

"Lizzy’s comedy is so full of energy and the beautiful bizarre because that’s her — she’s exciting, loud, compassionate and cuts to the core of our insecurities without passing judgement on them. Whether she’s banging on a keyboard onstage, bragging about how sex positive she is, or getting you up to speed on how your stars are aligned, the Cooperman Experience is a rare and beautiful one you should cross state lines to seek out." -Jr High The Magazine  

"Lizzy Cooperman tells puns through a twisted hourglass. Seeing her perform at the Silverlake Lounge a few years ago I was instantly enamored with her unrelentingly imaginative style. Armed with a piano that provided counterpoint to the puns and kaleidoscopic tales, Cooperman creates little worlds one joke at a time. It seems only natural then that she would apply her freewheeling style to filmmaking to give birth to AVANT-GRÄM."  -Yay LA Magazine 

"Lizzy is more than a stand-up comic: She is a performance artist, an incredible jokesmith and a force. Seeing her live is an experience. It's hard to find someone doing anything truly original with stand-up comedy these days, and she has found a way to reinvent the art. I can't wait till she gains mass exposure -- people are going to lose their minds." -ET Online