photo by Jakob N Layman

May 26th Extra! at Junior High

May 27th Ya Feel? at Improv Lab 8PM

May 30th Long Sets at Lyric Theater 8PM

June 7th UCB Franklin 9:30PM

June 9th The Tomorrow Show @ Dynasty Typewriter 

June 10th Golden Hour Comedy 7:30PM

June 11th Blind Donkey 9PM

June 13th Milk Tavern 8:30PM

June 17th Clowntown at The Virgil

June 27th Night Owl at Bar Lubitsch 10PM

July 7th How to Hate Yourself (storytelling) at the Lab 7PM

Jul 10th Tokin' Tuesdays atEl Cid 7:30PM

July 11th Belly Room 8PM

July 12th Big Money at The Virgil 7:30PM 

July 19th Haunted at Dynasty Typewriter

July 20th Benefit for East LA Homeless (details soon)

July 21st Good Heroin 8PM

July 26th Improv Lab 7:30PM

August 5th Weirdo Night at Zebulon 

August 11th The Barkley 8PM

September 8th Chris Crofton's Release Party at Bootleg Theater 8:30PM