photo by Jr. High The Magazine

April 16th Jon Daly Kills It at The Satellite 8:30PM

April 17th My Diary at Dynasty Typewriter 8PM

April 25th Cartoons & Comedy 10PM- Denver, CO

April 26th DeanWeen's Honeypot Lounge 8PM

April 26th The Dangerous Theatre 11PM - Denver, CO

April 27th The Bug Theatre with Grawlix  10PM - Denver, CO 

April 28th Boulder Comedy Show 7PM - Boulder, CO

April 29th An hour of me @UCB Franklin 11PM

May 4th Comedy Cabin 9PM

May 9th Improv Lab 10PM

May 10th Full Moon Comedy

May 11th Improv Lab 9PM

May 13th Blind Donkey 9PM

May 15th Good Looks at UCB Franklin 8PM

May 16th Big Money 7:30PM

May 17th The Comedy Garage 9PM

May 25th Improv Lab 9:30PM

May 26th Three Clubs 8PM

May 28th Improv Lab 9:30

May 29th Squatmelt

June 1st Vino Underground 9PM

June 3rd "My Favorite Murder" at The Wilshire Ebell Theatre - moderating book event for STAY SEXY & DON'T GET MURDERED

June 5th Guilty Treasure at Hotel Cafe 

June 6th Tenants of the Trees 

June 6th Club TeeGee

June 8th A Show! Details to come 

June 9th Brandon Wardell & Friends at The Satellite

June 11th The Satellite 8PM, opening for John Early

June 15th details to come 8PM

June 20th Crux

June 22nd Brent Weinbach & Friends at TheImprov 

June 26th The Ace Hotel Palm Springs 

July 8th Mommy at Bar Covell

July 9th Blair & Greta Show at Genghis Cohen

July 18th Silver Lake Comedy Festival at El Cid 7PM

July 20th Meme Money

August 1 Big Money at The Virgil

August 25th Mid-City Art House

August 25th Opening for Neil Hamburger in Long Beach