photo by Jr. High The Magazine

March 4th Kibbitz Comedy 8:30

March 6th Ace Hotel in Palm Springs with Neil Hamburger

March 15th The Lyric Hyperion Theatre at midnight 

March 16th The Improv Lab 7PM

March 19th The Standard DTLA 8PM

March 24th  Flappers 9PM

March 27th We're All Friends Here at Hotel Cafe 9PM

March 28th Barely Making It at Skiptown Playhouse 8PM 

March 30th Kids in the Yard 8:30PM

April 3rd Boobie Trap 8PM 

Apri 6th Oeno Vino 8:30PM

April 10th Boobie Trap 8PM

April 13th Iron Triangle Brewery 9:30PM

April 14th Junk Show at Copper Still 8:15

April 16th Jon Daly Kills It at The Satellite 8:30PM

April 17th My Diary at Dynasty Typewriter 8PM

April 25th Cartoons & Comedy 10PM- Denver, CO

April 26th Ween's Honeypot Lounge 8PM

April 26th The Dangerous Theatre 11PM - Denver, CO

April 27th The Bug Theatre with Grawlix  10PM - Denver, CO 

April 28th Boulder Comedy Show 7PM - Boulder, CO

May 1st Well-Dressed Comedy 8PM

May 9th La Poubelle 8PM

May 16th Big Money 7:30PM