photo by Jakob N Layman

October  4th Ace Hotel DTLA 8PM

October 7th Flappers 5PM, yes 5PM

October 7th Westside Comedy Theater 9PM

October 10th Let's Get Weird atLyric Hyperion 10PM

October 12th Hotel Cafè 8PM

October 14th Akbar 9PM

October 17th Boobie Trap 8PM

October 18th HAUNTED at Dynasty Typewriter 10PM

October 20-21st  POLITICON at the Los Angeles Convention Center

October 24th Boobie Trap 8PM

October 26th  The Jump Off 6PM

October 26th Lyric Hyperion at Midnight

October 28th Oeno Vino 8PM

November 4th GOOD GOOD Comedy Theatre in Philadelphia  8PM

November 6th NYCF Headlining at UCB East 9PM

November 10th Good Heroin at Stories Cafe8PM

November 16th  LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED ANYTHING (my solo show) The Lyric Hyperion Theatre 10PM  TICKETS!!

November 21st Boobie Trap 8PM

November 25th Bimbo Summit at Akbar 9PM

 November 28th Dear Owen Wilson 8PM

December 5th Ham and Eggs Tavern 9PM

December 7th Set the night aside!

December 11th New Material night at Dynasty Typewriter 8PM

December 12th Boobie Trap 8PM

December 26th Boobie Trap 8PM

January 2nd Boobie Trap 8PM

January 9th Boobie Trap 8PM

January 10th The Bootleg Theatre