photo by Jakob N Layman

August 28th Precious Moments at Downtown Independent 8:30PM

August 29th CommuniKate with Kate Berlant at UCB Franklin 8PM

August 29th Night Owl at Bar Lubitsch 10PM

August 30th Judging Boast Rattle at Dynasty Typewriter 10PM 

September 5th Boobie Trap 8PM

September 8th Chris Crofton's Release Party at Bootleg Theater 8:30PM

September 12th Repentance at Lyric Hyperion 8PM

September 15th Oeno Vino 8PM

September 15th Tomorrow Show at Dynasty Typewriter, midnight

September 21st Oeno Vino 8PM (Benefit for End the Backlog)

September 26th Everybody Gogo at The Abby 9:30PM

September 27th Bear Grenade at the Dojo 10PM

October 7th Westside Comedy Theater 9PM

October 10th Lyric Hyperion 10PM

October 12th Hotel Cafè 8PM

October 14th Akbar 9PM

October 17th Boobie Trap 8PM

October 24th Boobie Trap 8PM

November 6th NY Comedy Festival Headline SeriesUCBT East 9PM

November 9th - Lyric Hyperion 

November 14th Boobie Trap 8PM

November 16th - Lyric Hyperion 

November 21st Boobie Trap 8PM

December 12th Boobie Trap 8PM

December 26th Boobie Trap 8PM

January 2nd Boobie Trap 8PM

January 9th Boobie Trap 8PM