photo by Jr. High The Magazine

January 2nd Boobie Trap 8PM

January 2nd Idiots at The Clubhouse 8PM

January 6th Kiss My Ass at The Satellite 8:30

January 7th That's Gold at the Bootleg Theatre

January 9th Guest-hosting REPENTANCE at the Lyric Hyperion 8PM

January 10th Chris Crofton album release at The Bootleg Theatre 8:30PM

January 11th Night Voyage at Club Fais Do-Do 8:30PM

January 16th BARK! At the Barkley

January 17th Big Money 6th Anniversary at The Virgil 8PM

January 20th Throwing Punches 

January 21st The Dresden 

January 25th Ham & Eggs 7PM

January 25th The Lyric Hyperion 8PM

January 27th Neil Hamburger Live (album release)at The Satellite 8PM

January 29th Nabu in Westlake 8PM

January 30th The Comedy Store 10:30PM 

February 2nd Peacock Theatre, TX

February 8-11 Don't Worry About It, Honolulu

February 20th Crawford's Pass

February 21st The Ripped Bodice 8PM

February 27th Non Plus Ultra doors 7:30

March 6th Ace Hotel in Palm Springs with Neil Hamburger

March 13th Boobie Trap 8PM

March 24th  Flappers 9PM

April 6th Oeno Vino 8:30PM

April 14th Junk Show

April 25th Cartoons & Comedy, Denver

April 27th Grawlix Show, Denver  

April 28thBoulder Comedy Show